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Broj ljudskih žrtava drugom svjetskom ratu - wikipedija, Broj ljudskih žrtava u drugom svjetskom ratu po državama (ukoliko je broj žrtava sporan, navodi se raspon) (izvori). 531-549 khz: radio stations asia, middle east , All known radio stations in asia using 531-549 khz in the mediumwave (am) band. Fm radio stations india - asiawaves, Fm radio stations in india by frequency and location on this page: kashmir: the status of kashmir is disputed between india and pakistan, and the information on.

Queen seondeok silla - wikipedia, Queen seondeok silla: hangul: 선덕여왕, 선덕왕: hanja: 善德女王, 善德王: revised romanization: seondeok yeowang, seondeok wang. Nagorno-karabakh war - wikipedia, Nagorno-karabakh war; part nagorno-karabakh conflict: clockwise top: remnants azerbaijani apcs; internally displaced azerbaijanis armenian. World war ii europe pacific: day - youtube, Ww2 europe: ww2 pacific: changing front lines.


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